Iron Horse Rifle & Pistol Club is under attack by a group of neighbors and Gloucester Township, New Jersey. This small group of misguided and uninformed neighbors have filed a lawsuit against Iron Horse and against Gloucester Township in an attempt to shut down the gun range.
     Gloucester Township then joined these residents in this attempt to close the range by filing a cross-claim against Iron Horse. Iron Horse intends to stand and fight to keep the range open and defend our rights. Iron Horse also intends, not only to defend our rights, but to take the offensive against those who would tread on our rights. So, Iron Horse has filed counter-claims against these resident plaintiffs and against co-defendant Gloucester Township. This litigation will be very costly. 
     Iron Horse is a small private gun club with limited resources. So, we members of Iron Horse are asking for help from fellow gun clubs, gun owners and anyone who believes in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Please help us stand up against those who seek to take these rights away. This is not just our fight but the fight of every gun club in the state of New Jersey and gun clubs and gun owners everywhere.
     This attempt to shut down existing gun ranges has happened to other ranges in New Jersey in the past. If we lose or are forced financially to give up the fight then it is sure to happen to other ranges. Your range may be next. But, if we win the case we keep our range open. And if we win our cross-claims then we can make those who seek to shut us down pay a price for their misguided attempt. 
     This could set a precedent which would deter others from filing similar suits against our fellow gun clubs and ranges.

If you can help then please send donations to:

Iron Horse Rifle & Pistol Club
Attn: Club Treasurer
PO Box 96,
Blackwood, NJ 08012

Please forward this request on to any friends, family, fellow gun owners and real American patriots who may also want to help.

Thank You.
 The Board of Iron Horse Rifle & Pistol Club and all Club members.