Iron Horse Rifle & Pistol Club

   The Iron Horse Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc. was established in 1947 by a group of Pennsylvania Reading Railroad security police. Hence, the name Iron Horse.   The Iron Horse patch has been designed to depict the front of an "Iron Horse" with the cow catcher and light representing the firing line and target bull's eye.

   The club's first range was located in an open pit near the railroad tracks in Delair, NJ. In 1956 the club moved it's range to its current location on the Waddell Farm located in the Erial section of Gloucester Township,  Mrs. Roxanne Waddell  lent use of the farms gravel pit to the club for the use as a range.  The only stipulations that she imposed is that no shooting on Sunday ( the Sabbath) till after church (12pm) and respect God's creations while there, after Mrs. Waddell's death, her son, Watson, continued this privilege to the club.

   Meeting places have varied over the years.   One of the first meeting places was at the Reading Railroad Way station, located at Third and Mickle Streets in Camden, NJ. This building also served as a rest stop for the railroad employees who named it the "Railroad Y". From there, meetings were held in members' homes, American Legion posts, Disabled American Veterans hall in Haddon Township, Knights of Columbus halls, Mt. Ephraim Archery Center, and Ed's Gun Shop. 

   Currently the club meets at the Pine Valley Shooting Club's Club house in Pine Hill,NJ.  Meetings are held on the Third Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm. Except for the months of July And August.

    The Iron Horse Rifle and Pistol Club is affiliated with the National Rifle Association and with the Army's Division of Civilian Marksmanship. Iron Horse is a registered non-profit organization with the State of New Jersey.   A continuing interest in competitive shooting events has kept this club in existence.